Friday, June 2, 2023

Oh You Pretty Things

 I've been distracting myself from the gaping hole Lotte has left by sorting through my clothes rail, now that June has ushered in some summery weather.  I've relegated some items to beneath-the-bed storage bags and introducing new finds to the rail in the hope of finding them the perfect partners.

For some reason, I seem to have a memory blank when I spot something I like in a charity shop or thrift store.  Excitement kicks in and I often can't bring to mind whether or not I have any suitable companions hanging on my rail at home.  I just operate on the assumption that I know what I like and hand over my cash with blind faith that I will make it work.

Finally I tested negative for Covid today, a long and miserable 12 days after originally testing positive (it's still out there folks!)  I also feel much better today, although I'm left with the residual Covid cough.  That said, I'm not ready to put myself in front of the camera just yet.  So, taking inspiration from some of the beautiful social media accounts I follow and Vix and Ann's recent examples, I've assembled a few flat lays instead to showcase my recent finds.

First up, a pair of Nudie jeans.  Nudie is a Swedish denim company founded in Gothenburg in 2001.  Whilst we all know that no clothing is free of impact on the environment, Nudie have some pretty good green credentials, including using recycled cotton where possible.  These preloved jeans were my size, but for some reason the legs seemed super long.  I therefore lopped off a few inches with my kitchen scissors to transform them into raw edged ankle grazers.  I prefer that retro look for summer and the length can work equally well with boots over winter.

Here, I've teamed them with a vest top (charity shopped), a printed Indian-made Rayon tie-front top with fabulous bell sleeves and a costume statement necklace.  

I almost forgot about this check print cotton sundress - charity shopped in the depths of winter and put to one side.

I've teamed it with a vintage necklace here, but in reality, I'd probably add more silver and add my trusty DM black patent sandals.

My heart rate quickened when I spotted my next find - at some distance -  in a local charity shop I visited with very low expectations.  I immediately fell in love with the colours and recognised the distinctive block print.  I'm thrilled that this Greek made wrap skirt is now in my wardrobe and was even more thrilled to discover its perfect partner on my rail.

Here it is with a blue puff sleeve top (preloved, cotton, high street), a vintage raffia bag (another recent find) and a pair of gold ballet flats.  I think it would work equally well with the aforementioned DMs or my vintage cowboy boots. 

I've also added a few necklaces to my collection, mostly costume, although the beads have some age to them I think.

I don't think I've shared my new reading glasses - Vision Express Geek Chic specials!

In order to beat the frizz, I've also been experimenting with co washing (washing hair with conditioner only) and jojoba oil (adding a generous amount to my hair half an hour before shampooing and conditioning as normal).  Co washing is quite effective, but can leave my hair feeling heavy, so I'm going to try a lighter conditioner next time.  I think my hair can be quite contrary.  It will behave and respond to a new treatment for a period of time before reverting to its usual unruly antics.  I wash my hair fairly infrequently these days, so will co wash every other time I think.  Jojoba oil is a revelation though, sealing hair shafts with a protective barrier and leaving a healthy shine.  It can be applied to the face and body too.  I love the way oil feels on my skin.

Now, back to nature.  In the garden, we seem to have a colony of bumble bees nesting in the logs surrounding our wildlife pond, which are impossible to photograph, so you'll have to take my word for it.  They are more active when the temperature climbs.  

Out on our away-from-it-all Covid walks, aside from interrupting a group of kids attempting to start a fire in the wood, we've also discovered a wonderful new circular walk and the most incredible wild flower meadow.  As it's close the canal, it's also a playground for damselflies.

I'm a little late to the party, but yesterday managed to capture the poppies before they disappear for another year.

Finally, in memory of Lotte, we've hung this beautiful hand crafted Fair Trade nana bell wind chime in the oak tree.  She's slumbering contentedly beneath its boughs.

Take a moment to remember. - YouTube

See you soon!


  1. Phew, I'm glad to hear you've finally tested negative Claire!
    Your flat lays are brilliant, by the way, as are the outfits you assembled. I too seem to be suffering from that memory blank. I'm far too excited when I see something I like ...
    Loving that delightful butterfly sleeved blouse and the checked sundress, with the blue puff sleeve top and Greek made wrap skirt being my favourite.
    Fab reading glasses too!
    Wildflower meadows and damselflies surely are food for the soul and what a beautiful way to remember Lotte ... xxx

    1. Thanks Ann. The symptoms are lingering a little longer than I hoped, but we're on the mend.
      I couldn't believe someone would donate that Greek skirt. It looks as though it's never been worn! xxx

  2. i love your way to remember Lotte!
    good you were on site while the kids were trying to lay fire..... we had some small wildfires here already.
    i´m glad nasty C left you! take your time to recover completely... meanwhile i´m very happy with your rug sporting your pretty clothes in chic combinations :-D shuld try this too as i´m not into modeling mood lately because of bone pain caused from to much work.
    beautiful damselflies!!
    much love! xxxx

    1. Thank you!
      It's tinder dry here at the moment. We're bracing ourselves for more.
      Covid symptoms are lingering, but you're right, time and patience is required. I just listen to my body. I hope you're doing the same and wishing you a speedy recovery. xxx

    2. thank you!
      today its raining - after 4 very dry weeks - wahoo! xxx

  3. What a gorgeous bunch of outfits! I love the block-print skirt and the sundress. Glad you are feeling better post-Covid (I have still not had it!). I really loved the windchime as a reminder of Lottie! Beautiful pics of the poppies!

    1. Thanks Sheila. I hope you continue to dodge Covid. I may officially be over it, but the effects and fatigue last quite a while.

  4. Fabulous flat-lays, Claire. I love everything you've chosen and would wear it all in a heartbeat.
    The jojoba oil sounds interesting, I might have to investigate further. I've not heard of co-washing. Someone told me the other day that hair conditioner was as pointless as fabric conditioner which got me pondering. I'm not sure I'd be able to get a comb through mine if I forfeited it!
    That's rubbish about the ongoing Covid fatigue. Thank goodness for beautiful walks to lift your spirits. xxx

    1. Thanks Vix!
      I would argue that conditioner is more important than shampoo. It still helps lift dirt and seals the hair shafts. Mine would look like spun sugar without it!
      The Covid fatigue is real. I'm hoping this will give us a few months of immunity....we've done our time! xxx
      P.S. I'm trying to read your blog, but for some bizarre reason, the photos won't load. I'll check in again later. x

  5. They are proper bobby dazzler chazza finds. What a great way to usher out the Covid (ours outstayed itself too!). Beautiful cat wind chime for Lottie xXx

    1. Thanks Lulu. I hope we all get some immunity from Covid for a few months. Not pleasant is it? xxx


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