Thursday, May 25, 2023

Spring Blues

As you will all have heard, singer Tina Turner died yesterday after a long illness.  Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits wrote her hit "Private Dancer" and paid this tribute to her:  

"She was a human dynamo.  I've never met anyone like Tina."

Death is a constant and always around us (more so than ever these days) and so it fills me with a bone aching sadness to report that we lost our own feline dynamo, Lotte, on Saturday evening; a sudden and traumatic loss that unfolded like a bad dream.  As fellow cat subjects will know, they are magical and mesmerising and really get under your skin.  Lotte was no different, but she also had an enormous personality and without our constant chats and her head bumps, I feel adrift.  

I try to remind myself that Lotte chose us as her companions in this life and for that I'm forever grateful and if, as the ancient Egyptians believed, by some chance there is an afterlife, then I can't think of a better companion.

After notifying the vets, we received this beautiful card containing a heart wrenching poem and a packet of forget-me-not seeds.

In the immediate aftermath of losing Lotte, we all tested positive for Covid and Gareth and I have been feeling pretty rough.  I don't say this for sympathy; but rather, by way of explanation for the short post.

I am slowly catching up on Blogland, so bear with me.  In the meantime, life goes on and spring is the month for showcasing new life.  I'll leave you with a dose of Vitamin N and end on a positive note, with some uplifting photos from recent walks... 


Barley and Vetch


Roadside Flowers

Buttercups - a tortoise's dream


Common Vetch

Lacy phacelia (Borage family member)

Crimson Clover

...and a glimpse of what's growing and thriving in the garden.

Roscastle Black Viola


Gunnera Manicata

Irish Molly Viola

                                                                                                Bye for now!


  1. oh no! lovely lotte!! there will be a lotte-shaped empty space in my and lisbeth´ heart too...... i feel with you, dear claire and gareth. that card with poem and forgetmenot seeds is a a beautiful gesture indeed......
    wonderful photos of flowers and english landscape - thank you!
    sending you hugs! xxxxx

  2. Although I already learned of beautiful Lotte's passing away through Facebook, I still found myself in tears while I was reading your post. I still remember all too well how much it hurt when Bess's predecessor, Phoebe, passed away and how adrift we both felt. The card, poem and forget-me-not are such a lovely gesture. Our vet can definitely learn a thing or two from yours.
    I'm also sorry to hear Covid got you both in its grip. I do hope you'll feel better soon.
    Your photos are fantastic as always and truly uplifting indeed.
    Sending hugs xxx

    1. Thank you Ann. I know you understand all too well how it feels. xxx

  3. I'm so very sad to hear about Lotte. She couldn't have asked for a more loving and happy home than the one she shared with you and the vet's kindness brought tears to my eyes.
    I'm sorry about Covid, too. You did so well to avoid the hateful thing for so long.
    Your photos are absolutely beautiful, as always. xxxx

    1. Thanks Vix. I still can't quite believe it. We were hoping to go and stay with friends by the coast next week, but I'm still testing positive this morning. Really hoping Covid does one soon! xxx

  4. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about Lotte! What a lovely creature she was. The Rainbow Bridge poem sent me straight into a cry for her - sending you both good vibes for that empty hole in your lives. They are little furry comets that blast through our lives far too quickly, aren't they? As you may know, our own kitty is sick with kidney disease (his clock is ticking - if we are lucky, 3-ish years, if not, any time), and we are trying to give him as much love as we can, while we have him. I'll be giving him extra hugs for Lotte.

    That sucks to get Covid on top of that - I have still managed to avoid it myself. Your pics are wonderful and soothing, thank you, Claire.

    1. Thank you Sheila. She was a very special cat. "Furry comets" - that's a perfect analogy. I didn't know your little kitty was sick. Give him a hug from me!
      Covid is weird. I suspect I had it just before it reportedly hit our shores, but obviously have no proof of that. Since then though, I've managed to dodge it. Really not a pleasant experience. I hope you continue to avoid it Sheila!

  5. Hello Claire, I am so sorry to hear of your beautiful Lottie. What a thoroughly thoughtful card the vets have sent. As I am delving back in blogland time after a few weeks away, I am hoping your covid has long gone & that your are both feeling much better. Gorgeous restorative pictures of birds and flowers xXxXx


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