Thursday, February 24, 2022


Storm's assembled group of raiders

Rush in off writhing seas,


Thundering footsteps gathering pace,

As they noisily take to the hills,

Hitting their stride on a landmass spine,

Howling their power where beacons once stood,


Echoes of their war cries

Tracing his charge through the valley.

They jeer and pull at trees, securing branches in a hostile grip,

Urging, persuading, forcing them to join

Their chaotic brand of merriment.


Some go willingly, others sit tight,

Battered and bruised,

Weakened from the fight.

Storm revels in his percussive fury,

An invisible Olympian, gathering masonry

And hurling it to the farthest reaches of the land,

Conducting clouds to burst 

In a crashing crescendo of rain;

The Severn Valley, February 2022

Filling, spilling and bursting rivers...

Whirlpool forming in the River Severn yesterday

River Severn, Arley - banks broken

...vanquishing land.

Bridgnorth yesterday

Storm circles and sweeps, playing cruel tricks,

Going over old ground,

Riverside bench consumed by flood water, Bridgnorth

Repeating the same tried and tested tortures

On already broken, reluctant playmates.

Arley, River Severn - small road bridge underwater

Flooded meadow on the banks of the River Severn, Arley

Tree debris caught by bridge, Bridgnorth

Submission weakens Storm's will

Until he stills - dispassionate, disinterested,


Retreating back to the waves in a sun flare,

Bridgnorth and the angry River Severn, yesterday

His mirrored canvas laid bare.

The storm is over, but flood water continues to rise

I have been laid low this week by storms and suspected Norovirus, with just bland food and my note pad to keep me occupied.  Thankfully both subsided within days of each other, allowing two trips outside to (safely) capture the unprecedented flood waters along the River Severn, resulting from the recent triple storm assault.  "Unprecedented" in this context, is starting to lose its meaning sadly.  

I thought I would give Storm a male identity for a change (and Franklin was the last to pass through).  Other news may have played a part in this decision.  

Hope you're all safe and well.  Do send me your news!


  1. Beautiful words and fabulous photos, Claire. I've not been to Bridgnorth since I went with you and previous to that, with Ann & Jos!
    I hope you're feeling much better now. What a bleak old few days it's been, storms, earthquakes, snow showers and war. I'm drinking dry sherry and considering whether to start watching Chernobyl just to cheer myself up! xxx

    1. Thanks Vicky. Lovely that you met up with Ann and Jos there! It’s grim isn’t it? Apparently there has been heavy fighting around Chernobyl. xxx

  2. Haunting photographs accompanied by heart-rending words which perfectly capture the forces of nature going hand in hand with the grim state of the world at large. Heart-rending too to see those photos of Bridgnorth, which I've visited a couple of times. I've only ever seen in it sunshine though. And yes, one of the last time I was there was with Vicky and Jon! xxx

    1. P.S. I do hope you're feeling better ...

    2. Thank you Ann. I’m much improved. The first few lines came to me first thing this morning before I heard the news, but it was obviously on my mind. The parallels of climate and political turmoil are astonishing aren’t they? A very sad day. xxx

  3. What beautiful yet scary photos. You would love the storms we get over here. We have emergency packs at home incase of natural disasters. They carry everything, you buy them from most department stores and supermarkets. They are a godsend.
    I think I have been though 5 earthquakes maybe more I cannot remember. They are part of life here.
    Mum and dad and twinny got off lightly just winds. Hope you are feeling much better.
    It’s odd but my son visited pryprat and the power station two years ago. He is saddened by what is going on. So no pre baby visits as most of the planes fly over Russia. So I am really depressed at the moment

    1. Hello Allie, I can imagine the storms you see are a sight to behold! It’s no doubt reaching the point when emergency packs might become a thing over here too - that’s a very good idea. I think riverside residents are realising that we can’t fight climate change with barriers. There’s ongoing discussion about the use of flood planes and river dredging but nothing ever seems to change! Earthquakes terrify me. I remember the Dudley tremor around 20 years ago. Very unnerving. We had scaffolding at the time and it was rattling violently. It’s so hard at the moment isn’t it? The world is in turmoil. Our son is a teenager and I just can’t believe the events he has already lived through. We all definitely need to adopt that living for today mentality, but it’s easier said than done. Take care Allie. xxx

  4. Your first line had me gripped Claire - 'Storm's assembles group of raiders'. Wonderful words, wonderful images; dangerous storms, even more dangerous men in power. Glad to hear you are feeling better chuck. Lulu xXx

    1. Thanks Lulu! The waters are receding now thankfully, but sadly the same can't be said for other malevolent forces. Hope you're OK and have enjoyed a week of spare time freedom! xxx

  5. happy to read (in the comments) that you feel better!!
    the poem is wonderful! and a storm and a flood never looked better as in your pictures.....

    i look at the news and still can´t believe it! and i´m glad i´m old and have lived a full, interesting and wonderful life. poor kids, that must be discouraging for them.
    hugs! xxxx

    1. Thanks Beate! I seem to have the news on constantly in the background, hoping that I will somehow absorb and make sense of it, but I just can't. I hope someone on the inside turns against him. I can't bear to think of the alternatives. xxx

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