Thursday, November 9, 2023

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

The title of this blog is taken from the David Bowie album "Pinups" and regular readers may recall me mentioning an alternative wedding shoot I put together earlier this year, inspired by 70s - more Aladdin Sane era - Bowie.  Think magenta, teal, metallic, androgyny, cosmos. I shared some behind the scenes photos from the day here:  Winter Peach Photography: Coronation? What Coronation?

Well finally, some 7 months later, I can now share with you some photos and stories from that day.  

A little background.  We had to postpone twice due to sub zero temperatures and models dropping out.  We eventually went ahead on King George's Coronation Day back in May.  Incidentally, a previous shoot of mine, inspired by the TV series Stranger Things, took place on the day of the Queen's funeral.  On May 6th the weather forecast was abysmal but all suppliers were on the same page and the "now or never" momentum kicked in.

We met at the handsome Georgian Firs Wedding Venue in Worcestershire for bridal (and "groomal?") preps courtesy of FinnElla Beauty (Make Up) and Dionne's Bridal Hair.

Both wore make up.  Our female model's hair was slicked back for a more androgynous look.  She also had two outfits to wear, both with a distinctly 70s vibe.  For the ceremony she wore a sparkly mini dress with balloon sleeves (very Studio 54 era Cher), accessorized with a velvet peony choker hand made by Present Perfect Creations and a single earring by London jeweller Catherine Marche.  I felt that one statement earring as opposed to two, better suited the futuristic boundary-pushing element of our theme.  

Our groom gamely agreed to don a diaphanous, cut to the waist, floor length collared jacket over a bodice and wide legged trousers.  All outfits were supplied by Velvet Birdcage, apart from our male model's trousers which I had brought to spare his modesty. He also wore a bejewelled necklace matching our bride's earring.

Eventually, buoyed up by cake and coffee and during a brief respite from heavy rain to what I would call "driving drizzle" we went for it.

White heat from the lightning bolts!  Forgive me, but I just had to do an Ashes to Ashes edit on this one!

The ceremony, created by Jules (Treasured Words Celebrant), included the making and releasing of wishes.

Said wishes were later safely retrieved from a nearby tree.

The bride's wedding ring - a gorgeous heart shaped pink sapphire!

Soon it was time for some smoke and I was grateful that Nat, the Venue Manager was pretty adept at setting off smoke bombs and artfully created the requisite otherworldly pink mist.

I loved the dried flower bouquet created by our florist Muck Home & Floral Design.

Sealed with a kiss!

Phew!  After all that excitement, it was time for a drink in the barn.  As an outdoor wedding venue, the cute little tin barn is perfect for rustic, festival style weddings.  At the time, the real bar was still being fitted out, so we created our own and employed our very own mannequin (christened Ziggy back when they first came into our lives as a show prop - and yes if Ziggy could speak "they" would be the chosen pronoun).  

Ziggy is the androgynous creation of our friend, Yvette, a local artist otherwise known as Creative Curiosities.  We already own Ziggy's cousin, the impressive illustrated man; a masterpiece of a sharpie and decoupage decorated life size mannequin...but he's not so easy to transport.

Perhaps apt for someone standing behind a bar, Ziggy is actually legless.  They are mounted on a stand.  They might not be for everyone, but we were thrilled when Yvette gifted them to us.  They're now standing in our fireplace at home.
So back to the wedding breakfast...and we had a canine companion in the pocket size shape of Dinky, the Pomeranian (Amy, our wedding cake maker's pooch) pictured here in his Fluffy Tailers' space age harness.  

Did someone mention cake?  The brief for the cake was futuristic.  I think Amy Baker's Cakes nailed it!

The tablescape was scaled down on the day (a long story), but this small, but perfectly formed magenta creation came courtesy of Aphrodite Events. 

Those cake crumbs get everywhere!

Dinky the show stealer.

Soon it was time to head back outside for some portraits...

The keepsake bouquet above (yes we had two!) was made of felt and created by Boom Bridal.  It deserves a close-up because Laura's first question to me upon joining the team was "Can I include lightning bolts?" Music to my ears. 

The pesky rain was never far away... eventually, we headed back to the house and it was all change.  Back to domesticity, dog walking and showing a glimpse of Niamh's gorgeous embroidered leather jacket.  It was most unfortunate that this stunning jacket didn't get more exposure.  Rain definitely impacted the shoot and the sleeves of the dress were too beautiful to cover up.  I took pity on our male model and he was permitted to change back into his civvies.

Finally, some low key "rock-star-at-home" photos.

Shortly afterwards, this shoot was picked up by Your West Midlands Wedding magazine and finally made it into the October/November edition.  You can read my brief editorial and see their feature here:-

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow These images are absolutely brilliant Claire, you've definitely captured the Bowie-esque vibe The celebrant's dress is perfect, too xxx

  2. totally rocks!
    love the spacey and gender fluid vibes...... and you´ve found a very creative bunch to bring your ideas to life. that cake is so cool - zero gravity hits in ;-D
    very well done - dear claire!

    1. Thank you Beate - that means a lot!
      Amy loves a challenge - her cakes are always amazing! xxx

  3. Stunning photos, Claire, and what a brilliant theme you have chosen. Loving the 70s Bowie-esque vibes. As for that cake: just wow, I've never seen the likes of it! Well done for being picked up by that bridal magazine too, that must be so rewarding! xxx

    1. Thanks Ann. The cake was so good wasn't it?
      Yes, it's lovely when a magazine says "yes." xxx

  4. This is amazing Claire !!! Well done for braving the driving drizzle. Your pictures, the outfits, bouquet, cake, bride & groom are perfect. Absolutely loving the pink mist and post Ashes to Ashes colour edit. Good to meet the illustrated man's cousin too. Now then, I 'd better not show my girls the cute Pomeranian - I wouldn't hear the end of it xXx

    1. Living next door to a very barky dog, Dinky restored my faith in canines. She was a delight; absolutely no trouble at all! xxx


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