Friday, July 15, 2022

Sweet Caroline

Short and bittersweet from me this week.  

I lost a very good friend earlier this month - unbelievably the second of 2022, which is rapidly turning into an annus horribilis. It was particularly cruel as we had plans for a long overdue catch-up, but fate intervened. 

Caroline was one of those rare people who epitomised the spirit of friendship.  She always knew just what say or do in any given situation - and when to pour the wine.  Given how many people counted Caroline as a friend, she somehow managed to make time for each and every one of them in that special way that requires impressive juggling skills and the memory of an elephant.  She never forgot a birthday or spoke ill of anyone and remained upbeat until quite suddenly she wasn't there.  I'm numb and in awe of her husband, daughters and immediate family who are stoically supporting each other through this.

It's usual for me to take quite some time to process these things and it's often something months down the line - a song, a photograph or the lightning strike of a memory that will floor me.  As unreal as this all seems right now, I am grateful for the years we shared and the memories we made; the Worcester party years, the epic soft top car journey to Edinburgh, her rapidly diminishing late night piano skills at our wedding as the champagne flowed and celebrations peaked, the Christmas Eve tears of joy when I shared news of my pregnancy and our unforgettable Italian adventure.

Like all true friends, we've laughed and cried, fallen down and picked ourselves up again and I will miss her easy manner, dry humour and ready smile.  She was one of the good ones...and she left some beautiful sunsets in her wake.

I'm am scheduled to carry out my civic duty and become a juror for the next couple of weeks, which will provide a distraction of sorts, so, assuming it goes ahead and I'm not dismissed, I'll catch up with you very soon.  


  1. its unimaginable hard to lose such a wonderful friend that early in life........

    sending you hugs xxxxx

  2. Oh I'm so sorry for your loss, Claire. Losing a dear friend, particularly at such a young age - must be truly devastating. Sending heartfelt hugs xxx

  3. Hello Claire, I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful Caroline. She looks and sounds to have been wonderful. Big heartfelt hugs to you xXx

    I hope the juror service isn't too tiresome. My mum did it years ago - said it was hard going - had herself convinced someone was following her one day (she had an over active imagination having watched too much Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue) :0 ;) x

    1. Thanks Lulu. The jury service never got off the ground. I wasn't requested to attend on any day this week. Let's see what next week brings. I think I would be the same as your Mum if it was a particularly nasty case. xxx

  4. It is definitely something to be remembered so well by so many! She must have been very special!


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