Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Run Away With Me

 Our tale begins with a pair of runaways who needed no one's approval, only each other.  

They ran to their favourite woodland glade, close to the beating heart of England, and tried in vain to stop their own hearts racing...  

...as they awaited the arrival of the only other person in possession of their secret.

And she would perform a rite, 

as they delivered their handwritten promises to each other, crafted from a commitment that will anchor them both like the roots of the trees that bore witness.  

Emotions ran high...

...feelings deep.  

A kiss to the applause of rustling leaves.

No plaudits or speeches; just a seating plan for two...

...and the freedom to delight in the most special of days,

to walk and talk without obligation to, or distraction from others, to drink in the atmosphere only nature's church can provide....

...and perhaps a little wine.

No outfit change, just his jacket around her shoulders to keep out the chill,

a view enjoyed with thoughts of a future unfolding....

....and the long walk home, wherever that may be.

 The End

With thanks to Jazz and Mark and Sharon Gordon Celebrant (Wild at Heart Ceremonies)


  1. Wow! What beautiful images, Claire! xxx

  2. This beautiful natural 'Church' is just perfect. You've captured the story of the Elopement so wonderfully.

  3. How utterly beautiful and romantic, Claire! Beautiful words too. Nature's church is the only church for me! xxx

  4. gosh! is this lovely!!!
    what a beautiful pair and a ceremony right after my heart....
    ......and your photos are magnificent!

  5. Arrrrrr, beautiful pictures Claire! Aren't that couple absolutely gorgeous!!! And the celebrant looks so lovely too. Now I want to elope into the woods with a bottle of something nice ;) xXx

    1. Thanks Lulu! Yes, they were a lovely bunch of people. Thinking of eloping with a bottle of Bucks Piss are you..? :-D


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