Saturday, December 18, 2021

Winter Solstice

It's been a pretty uninspiring week with little in the way of light.  For some unknown reason, I've been regularly putting pen to paper in recent months; jotting down words, phrases and ideas, even having a notebook and pen by my bedside for those nights when sleep doesn't come easy.  This is something I haven't done since my student days when I would scribble reminders to look at other notes!  

So with the the shortest day approaching and winter making its presence felt, I thought I might share with you some wintry photos and accompanying free verse.

Colours drain from view

Forming ice white sheets below our feet

Expanding and contracting,

Revealing long scars and tall, black shadows

Cast by silent ancient trees; gnarled and twisted

From taking bitter air into ancient lungs

Over and over and over again.

A pregnant pause before the longing starts

For that prickly pleasure

Of sunbeams and saltwater 

Dancing on porcelain skin

For the cacophony of crows and crickets

For the soothsayer's promise of summer's gentle sway

But for now, all is still

We're shuttered and buttoned down

And life exists in unforgiving, short lived light

Still, there are magical moments;

The woolly, deadened sound of footfall on virgin snow

Tanzanite skies

And moondust mornings.

Bracing walks to remind us we're alive, 

Buds breaking through from some dark abyss

As we limp towards the thaw.

Of all our constant companions,

Wintertide harbours secrets,

Delights in mystery;

Only showing its hand when we're firmly in its grip...

Only truly letting go when we learn to slide.


Wishing you a wonderful week!  I look forward to hearing your news and thank you for stopping by.


  1. BEAUTIFUL Claire !!!!!!!!!! So evocative... the images and words work so well together. '...sunbeams and saltwater Dancing on Porcelain skin'. A very special post indeed. Lulu xXxXxx

    1. Thank you very much Lulu! I really appreciate the comment. xxx

  2. this is wonderful and magical!
    thanks claire for the words and images..... i love winter and your post touches me there....

    1. Thank you Beate. There is something beautiful in every season I think. xxx

  3. I too am keeping a notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas. Both your words and photographs are magical and poetic. I might be moaning about the grey weather a lot, but I actually love this time of year - and I'm not talking about Christmas! I'm always more inspired to write during the Winter months, and surely there's no better light for photography. Thank you so much for this beautiful post, Claire! xxx

    1. Thank you Ann. Yes I think spending more time indoors promotes creativity doesn’t it? There’s a lovely book called Making Winter by Emma Mitchell (I think) which is great to get you through the really gloomy days. You’re right, the light can be incredible at this time of year too. Glad you enjoyed the post. xxx

  4. You ought to get this post published, Claire. The photos are stunning and your words are beautiful. It would make a wonderful little book! xxx

    1. Thank you Vicky. I don't really know how to go about these things. I have written off and on for years, but only recently considered combining photos and words. xxx


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